Friday, March 2, 2012


I wish to write of my fond notion of you
poems resonant and pretty, visions of you I create
through metaphor and rhyme and description of traits
of yours which have my heart attracted
but I find it hard to concentrate
when I can think of naught but your next call
when my mind is taut with your waiting down the hall
when caught by thoughts that enthrall
like how your hand folds so neatly within mine
how can I create when you have me so enervatedly distracted?

I wish to speak with my devotion to you
words clever and pithy, so with you to relate
and commune deeply, without need to prate
a perfect conversation interacted
but I'm hardly able to concentrate
when nearby you're all silken curves and shining lips
when your eyes are pleading to take mine in sips
when your sighs of happiness thunder forth, eclipse
any intelligible facets of my mind
how can I relate when you have me so frustratedly distracted?

I wish to move on my emotion for you
in fluent, unvarnished ditty, with steps firm and straight
smooth and suave with a debonair gait
a perfect dance enacted
but it makes it hard to concentrate
when to me and the music you readily acquiesce
when up against me you softly press
when about me your arms in enwrapping caress
submerse my heart within an emotional brine
how can I step straight when you have me so intoxicatedly distracted?