Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

happy new year? sure, if you're in it
the way that I am thinkin it can wait another minute
every day I've seen passes just the same
the morning gleams with the sunshine rays
...with the sun shine rays...
...all my days...

on its axis the world spins on
the moon comes up and the day is gone
and as it climbs up in the starry sky
time flies by 'til the night that you die

...but we're still here, happy new year!

the midnight bells chime you ready for this?
it's time to give your lover a brand new kiss
I turn to my right but nobody's there
hard to celebrate when ya got nothin but air
...nothing but air... one's there...

and so for the while it is what it is
wear a big smile an' sniff the champagne's fizz
dance to the music and laugh with your friends
and run down the street banging pots and pans
...yeah bang those pans!
...while you still stand! the sun shine rays!
...nothing but clear mornin air all of my days

...yeah, I'm still here, happy new year!

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