Monday, September 26, 2011

Catching Butterflies

In catching butterflies, avoid strength's dereliction:
Greedy needy grasping tight and scales will crush and wings will rend.
And self-recrimination to unworthiness forfend:
Your blood and tears and mooning earn just moths' affection.
Neither be the world-wise snake who wins a wide selection
Netted through a subtle mesh that grounds them out from skies they wend:
Abused, intoxicated, mounted, counted, labeled, pinned;
A thousand little deaths the sum of that collection.
No, appreciate their beauty, need it not, let'em know you've seen
Amidst the air resplendent color bright, which flutter-dips
To nectared flowers tended kept in case they choose to stay.
Let sunny warmth and garden-work on skin collect a sheen,
Then laugh at tickling kiss of puddle-mud on fingertips,
Your open palm extended kept in case they fly away.

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