Friday, August 21, 2015

War from Gloam Grows

War from gloam does grow, doom from deep.
At the edge of daylight, darkness creeps.
White Lady shines when’s time to sleep.
On down on ground forever lie
Beneath the light of bright forever sky.

Ago, ago, began the flow of power
And strength: opposed in dusk an’ opposed in dawn.
And thence that eddying, estuarial bower
All earthly life did spawn and flower.
Yet, mixed betwixt the beats of blood and breaths,
‘Twas also the birth of diametric strife
Created through inherent frictions’ depths
In balancing and driving life with death.
So up through those ebullient waters sneak
Tentacles, occluding with elation
To snuff the spark in inky darkness’ beak
And deep aphotic devastation wreak.

War from gloam does grow, thinkest not
Vorpa’s disrobing matters aught.
White Lady cools what burns too hot,
An’ tamed in flame forever vie
Beside the lights of bright forever sky.

On up, on up, come bubbling tears of earths;
Then down, then down, they pour forever lower
Together, seeking more and more ‘til curse
Of drowning deaths does froth and roar—a hearse
Borne swiftly out to sea. Yet warmth does rise,
Out of drowning depths, the resonating dew,
Which waters life upon all life from skies
A-dimmed by seeming gloam, a rude disguise—
Or ‘haps a truth revealed by lack of Sol.
Too much of one, too little the other, takes
The same in course whichever source: control.
Beware, it’s bits of both that makes us whole.

Soul from Sol does glow, hope from strength.
Forever’s measured in moral lengths.
White Lady comes to forge the links
Of He of She forever tied,
Become the lights of bright forever sky.

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